Unlimited Elements For Elementor pro 1.5.114 Nulled

Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro isn’t just another plugin; it’s a game-changer for website designers and developers using the popular Elementor page builder. With its extensive library of widgets, templates, and design elements, Unlimited Elements empowers users to create stunning, customized websites without limitations. Let’s delve into the details of what makes Unlimited Elements a must-have tool for anyone working with Elementor.

Enhancing Elementor’s Capabilities

Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro Nulled expands the functionality of Elementor by offering a vast array of additional widgets and design elements. Whether you’re building a personal blog, a corporate website, or an e-commerce store, Unlimited Elements provides the flexibility and versatility you need to bring your creative vision to life.

Demo: https://unlimited-elements.com/

Free Download: https://wpnull1.com/download/unlimited-elements-gpl/

Features: Unleashing the Power of Unlimited Elements

  1. Extensive Widget Library: Unlimited Elements boasts an extensive library of widgets, including advanced elements such as pricing tables, sliders, testimonials, countdown timers, and more. With hundreds of widgets to choose from, you can easily customize your website and create unique layouts that stand out from the crowd.
  2. Pre-Built Templates: Access a wide range of pre-built templates and design elements that you can use to jumpstart your projects. Whether you need a landing page, a contact form, or a portfolio gallery, Unlimited Elements offers a diverse selection of templates to suit your needs.
  3. Customization Options: Customize every aspect of your website design with Unlimited Elements’ advanced customization options. From typography and color schemes to spacing and layout settings, you have full control over the look and feel of your website, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your brand identity and style preferences.
  4. Responsive Design: Ensure that your website looks great on any device with Unlimited Elements’ responsive design features. With built-in support for mobile and tablet devices, you can create websites that provide a seamless user experience across all screen sizes and resolutions.
  5. Integration with Elementor: Seamlessly integrate Unlimited Elements with the Elementor page builder to enhance your design workflow. Unlimited Elements seamlessly integrates with Elementor’s drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to add widgets and design elements to your pages with ease.
  6. Regular Updates and Support: Enjoy regular updates and dedicated support from the Unlimited Elements team. With ongoing updates and access to a knowledgeable support team, you can rest assured that your website will always be up-to-date and running smoothly.

Elevate Your Website Design with Unlimited Elements

In conclusion, Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro is a powerful tool that empowers website designers and developers to create stunning, customized websites with ease. With its extensive library of widgets, pre-built templates, and advanced customization options, Unlimited Elements offers everything you need to take your Elementor projects to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Unlimited Elements provides the flexibility and versatility you need to bring your creative vision to life.

Free Download: https://wpnull1.com/download/unlimited-elements-gpl/


version 1.5.113: 2024-07-04

* Fix: fixed some small security issues found by wordfence
* Feature: added search fitler to url replace in post widgets filters
version 1.5.112: 2024-07-01

Plugin Changes:

* Feature: made a small integration with simple author box plugin
* Feature: added "timezone" for google events api
* Feature: added "current product gallery" as a gallery source for WooCommerce
* Feature: added option for dynamic popup advanced cache
* Feature: added integration for fvplayer
* Feature: added links to woo minicart title and image
* Feature: added option to send reply in form to email that set in form field

Widget Changes:

* Feature: Pricing Table (Free) - Introduced Tooltip functionality, allowing users to add tooltips to each list item.
* Feature: Post Magazine Grid (Pro) - New values were added to the Show Categories option, including byTaxonomy and by Last level Taxonomy, providing users with more granular control over category display settings.
* Feature: Blob Shapes (Free) - Enhanced the Shadow options by adding shadow size, shadow blur, shadow color type, and shadow shift settings.
* Feature: Image Accordion (Pro) - Added the "Link All Items" option to enhance functionality and provide users with the ability to link all items collectively.
* Feature: Calendar (Pro) - Separated the Locale option into a new tab and introduced an 'Other' option in the locale list, enabling users to manually add a locale not listed, thereby extending support for 96 locales.
* Feature: Calendar (Pro) - Added "Open Event Link in New Tab" option to allow users to open event links in a new tab.
* Feature: Checkboxes Filter (Pro) - Added functionality to hide the dropdown when no items are found inside.
* Feature: Icon Accordion (Pro) - A new feature was introduced that includes the addition of an option to adjust the Icon Margin, providing users with more customization options for their interface.
* Feature: Radio Button Field (Pro) - Added functionality to handle and process values selected from radio buttons in the form, ensuring users' selections are captured and correctly stored.
* Change: Woo Mini Cart (Pro) - Improved the widget by adding the product link to the product title and the image in the cart.
* Change: AJAX Search (Pro) - Added a aria-label attribute for the search button element to enhance form handling and improve accessibility.
* Change: List Marquee (Pro) - Extended icon option to graphic element and added option for image.
* Change: AJAX Search (Pro) - Added a name attribute for the search button element to enhance form handling and improve accessibility.
* Change: Swipe Carousel (Pro) - An improvement was made by adding the aria-label attribute to the item link, enhancing accessibility and ensuring that all links have discernible names for better user experience.
* Fix: Logo Marquee (Pro) - Fixed the text alignment issue and added new options: Text Align and Text Shadow.
* Fix: Icon Accordion (Pro) - Fixed a bug where the accordions were not closing when the "Close Others on Open" option was disabled.
* Fix: Copy Coupon Code (Pro) - Resolved a problem where the copy operation was failing in some cases. This fix ensures that the copy functionality now works reliably across all scenarios.
* Fix: Quantity Increment Buttons (Pro) - Resolved a problem where the product quantity was not reset to 1 after adding to the cart.
* Fix: Liquid Full Screen Menu (Pro) - Implemented a fix to address the issue where the widget was not functioning correctly within sticky containers, ensuring consistent behavior and improved user experience.
* Fix: Before After (Pro) - Added support for carousel widgets, enabling the creation and management of dynamic, rotating content displays within the application.
version 1.5.110: 2024-06-04

Plugin Changes:

* Fix: remote arrows was sendin next/prev commands twice
* Fix: fix some password protected content related security issue
* Fix: fix some sql security small issue 

Widgets Changes:

* Feature: Email Field (Pro) - Added Asterisk Size option, allowing customization of asterisk size for better design flexibility and emphasis.
* Feature: Phone Field (Pro) - Added Asterisk Size option, allowing customization of asterisk size for better design flexibility and emphasis.
* Feature: Event List (Pro) - Added Timezone option, ensuring that expired and upcoming events are counted according to the specified timezone for accurate event scheduling and display.
* Feature: Number Field (Pro) - Added "Limit Number of Digits" option, allowing users to restrict the number of digits displayed for better control and readability of numerical data.
* Feature: Phone Field (Pro) - Added "Limit Number of Digits" option, allowing users to restrict the number of digits displayed for better control and readability of numerical data.
* Feature: Transparent Split Hero (Free) - Added options to enable or disable widget contents like title, subtitle, etc., and introduced an option to add an image or logo for greater customization and flexibility.
* Feature: Unlimited Charts (Pro) - Added Line Chart Background Color option, allowing customization of the background color for line charts to enhance visual appeal.
* Fix: Submit Button (Free) - Added validation function for the phone field to ensure correct email format and improve data accuracy.
* Fix: Mega Menu (Pro) - Added fix for layout issue that sometimes occurs after page load, ensuring consistent and stable page rendering.
* Fix: Post Carousel (Pro) - Set padding to 0 in Nav Dots to avoid default CSS overrides, ensuring consistent and desired styling.
* Fix: Semi Circle Progress Bar (Pro) - Added support for Mega Slider widget, enabling the creation and display of Semi Circle Progress Bar widget in interactive sliders for enhanced content presentation.
* Fix: Floating Chat Buttons (Pro) - Fixed Pulse Animation Grabber Type issue, ensuring correct animation behavior and improved visual effects.
* Fix: Content Tabs (Free) - Added a small delay before widget initialization to ensure the Content Tabs widget works properly within other widgets, improving overall functionality and integration.
* Fix: Remote Tabs (Pro) - Changed selector for padding option to resolve issue where link was not clicked when tab was clicked, improving click response accuracy.
version 1.5.107: 2024-05-16

Plugin Changes:

* Feature - added elementor dynamic options to api integrations
* Feature - added option to get images from current product variations for the dynamic gallery.
* Feature - added preperation for the enhanced ajax search
* Fix - fixed weird elementor no products on cart page bug
* Fix - fixed bug with faq schema output
* Fix - fixed general settings show items at start

Widget Changes:

* Feature: Event List (Pro) - Added "Remove All Upcoming Events Except Next One" functionality, facilitating the removal of all upcoming events except for the next scheduled event for streamlined event management.
* Feature: Animated Icon Box (Pro) - Added Description Opacity option to customize the opacity level of descriptions for enhanced visual aesthetics and readability.
* Feature: Underline Animated Button (Free) - Added Animation Move Amount option, enabling users to customize the amount of movement in animations for enhanced visual effects.
* Feature: Remote Tabs (Pro) - Added Item Min Height option for better customization; users can now set a minimum height for items displayed.
* Feature: Load More / Infinite Scroll (Pro) - Added the "Show Load More Button Icon" option to enhance interface; users can now customize the icon displayed for the load more button.
* Feature: Mega Menu (Pro) - Added a new functionality enabling "Expand / Collapse Visible On" option, allowing expansion or collapse of visibility based on specific criteria.
* Feature: Side Menu (Pro) - Added Menu Padding option. This new feature allows to add padding to the container of the Menu items.
* Feature: Woo Product Grid (Pro) - Made Content Padding, Category Label Spacing, and Title Spacing options responsive for improved adaptability across various screen sizes and devices.
* Feature: Icon Image Content Box (Free) - Implemented functionality to link Icon and Title to the same destination as the Image.
* Feature: Hotspots (Pro) - Implemented styling options for images. This new functionality allows users to customize the appearance of images within the widget, including options for adjusting borders, shadows, and other visual attributes.
* Feature: Team Member Grid (Pro) - Implemented 'Text Placement' option. This new functionality allows users to customize the placement of text within the widget, providing greater control over the layout and design.
* Fix: Post Ticker (Free) - Fixed widgets behaviour for RTL websites.
* Fix: Post Timeline (Pro) - Resolved category name spelling issue in some cases. This fix ensures that category names are spelled correctly throughout the widget, improving accuracy and consistency in the display of category information.
* Fix: Team Member Grid (Pro) - Optimized HTML code of the widget. This optimization improves the efficiency and performance of the widgets by reducing unnecessary code and streamlining the structure for faster loading and rendering.
* Fix: Number Field (Pro) - Resolved issue when Min - Max range were violated and no error were shown.
* Fix: Dropdown Button (Pro) - Optimized widget's JS code. This fix ensures that widget works properly on mobile devices as well as on desktop.
* Fix: Expanding Content Cards (Pro) - Addressed CSS filter issue where it was displaying incorrectly on mobile devices, ensuring proper rendering and display consistency across all devices.
* Fix: Post Grid (Pro) - Fixed issue where Typography option was not functioning as expected, ensuring proper functionality and usability.
* Fix: Justified Image Carousel (Pro) - Fixed issue where width of images was incorrectly set in certain cases, ensuring proper display and functionality across all scenarios.
* Fix: Layers (Pro) - Resolved issue with the "Item Shadow" option. This fix ensures that the item shadow is applied correctly within the widget.

version 1.5.105: 2024-05-05

Plugin Changes:

  • Fix: fixed some filters and request related issue
  • Fix: fixed specific post and terms select

Widget Changes:

  • Feature: Masonry Gallery (Pro) – Implemented ‘Mute Video’ option. This new functionality allows users to start videos muted within the widget, providing greater control over the audio playback and enhancing the user experience.
  • Feature: Team Member Carousel (Pro) – Introduced ‘Button Text’ option in items, enabling users to set custom button text for each team member for enhanced customization and flexibility.
  • Feature: Mega Menu (Pro) – Implemented ‘Mobile Open Menu Animation’ option. This new functionality allows users to specify the animation type for opening the menu on mobile devices, enhancing the visual presentation and user experience.
  • Feature: Logo Carousel (Pro) – Implemented support for empty links. This new functionality allows items to become not clickable when empty links are specified, providing more control over the behavior and interaction of items within the widget.
  • Feature: Scroll Sequence (Pro) – Introduced ‘Hide Add Action Section’ debug option, enabling users to match accurate configurations in the backend and frontend.
  • Feature: Dropdown Field (Pro) – Added support for ‘Dropdown Value (Numeric Values)’ in multi-source, enabling users to include numeric dropdown values via Multi Source.
  • Feature: Overlay Button (Free) – Introduced ‘Overlay Transition Duration’ option, providing users with more control over the duration of overlay transitions for enhanced customization and user experience.
  • Feature: Checkboxes Filter (Pro) – Introduced ‘Accordion as Dropdown’ option, allowing users to open the accordion as a dropdown when the layout is set to ‘Accordion’, preventing layout shifting and improving user experience.
  • Feature: Overlay Button (Free) – Added ‘Icon’ option, allowing users to easily add an icon to the button for enhanced visual appeal.
  • Feature: Event List (Pro) – Introduced ‘Show End Time’ option, enabling users to show or hide the event end time for enhanced flexibility and customization.
  • Feature: Animated Icon Box (Pro) – Introduced styling options for Icon and Divider, providing users with more customization choices for improved visual design.
  • Feature: Taxonomy Terms (Pro) – Implemented styling options for 1st and 2nd level of Child Term Elements. This new functionality allows users to customize the appearance of Child Term Elements at different hierarchical levels, providing greater design flexibility and control.
  • Feature: Content Carousel (Pro) – Implemented ‘Image Border Radius’ option. This new functionality allows users to specify the border radius for images within the widget, enabling them to create rounded or custom-shaped images for a more visually appealing design.
  • Feature: Coverflow Carousel (Pro) – Implemented ‘Custom Navigation Arrows’ option. This new functionality allows users to customize the navigation arrows used within the widget, enabling them to use custom-designed arrows for a more personalized look and feel.
  • Feature: One Page Scroll Navigation (Pro) – Enhanced widget flexibility to support other sections apart from the one with the tag


section>. This improvement expands compatibility with different section types, providing users with more options for integrating the widget into their website layouts.
* Change: Animated Icon Box (Pro) – Replaced old font edit option with new typography and color options for enhanced customization and design control.
* Change: Call To Action Button (Free) – Moved ripple ‘Transition Timing’ from Button Icon to Button Icon tab and renamed it to ‘Ripple Timing’ for improved organization and clarity.

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