Dokan Pro 3.11.3 Nulled – Multivendor Marketplace Plugin for WP

Amidst the dynamic digital landscape of today, Dokan Pro Nulled emerges as a definitive solution for entrepreneurs, businesses, and developers aiming to establish their presence in the booming e-commerce market. Seamlessly integrating with WordPress and WooCommerce, Dokan Pro empowers users to create, manage, and scale their own multi-vendor marketplaces with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Let’s delve into the comprehensive array of features that make Dokan Pro a game-changer in the world of online marketplaces.

Overview: Dokan Pro epitomizes the evolution of e-commerce platforms, offering a robust framework that simplifies the complex process of building and managing multi-vendor marketplaces. With Dokan Pro, users can effortlessly onboard vendors, manage product listings, process orders, and facilitate secure transactions, all from a centralized and user-friendly dashboard.

At its core, Dokan Pro prioritizes usability and scalability, ensuring that users can navigate the platform seamlessly regardless of their technical expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned e-commerce veteran or a newcomer to online selling, Dokan Pro provides the tools and resources necessary to turn your marketplace dreams into reality.


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Multi-Vendor Support:

Dokan Pro enables the creation of multi-vendor marketplaces, allowing multiple sellers to register, list their products, and manage their own stores within the platform. Administrators have full control over vendor registrations, approvals, and commission rates, ensuring a seamless and fair marketplace environment.

Frontend Dashboard for Vendors:

Vendors are equipped with their own intuitive frontend dashboard, empowering them to manage their products, orders, and store settings with ease. From adding new products to updating inventory levels, vendors have full autonomy over their storefronts, eliminating the need for backend access.

Commission Management:

The plugin offers advanced commission management features, allowing administrators to set commission rates based on product categories, individual vendors, or global settings. With transparent reporting and automatic commission calculations, Dokan Pro simplifies revenue sharing and financial management.

Advanced Product Management:

Vendors can efficiently manage their product listings using Dokan Pro’s intuitive product management interface. From uploading product images to setting prices and variations, vendors have the tools to create compelling product listings that attract customers and drive sales.

Order Management System:

Dokan Pro streamlines the order management process, enabling vendors to view and fulfill orders directly from their frontend dashboard. Real-time order notifications and status updates ensure prompt and efficient order processing, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

Flexible Payment Options:

The plugin supports a wide range of payment gateways, allowing administrators to offer multiple payment options to customers and vendors alike. From credit card payments to bank transfers, Dokan Pro ensures secure and convenient transactions for all parties involved.

Customizable Storefronts:

Vendors can personalize their storefronts with custom branding, banners, and product displays to create a unique and engaging shopping experience. With customizable store layouts and design options, vendors can showcase their products in a visually appealing and cohesive manner.

SEO-Friendly Design:

Dokan Pro is built with SEO best practices in mind, ensuring that marketplace websites are optimized for search engine visibility and ranking. Clean code, mobile responsiveness, and metadata optimization help improve organic discoverability and drive more traffic to your marketplace.

Product Reviews and Ratings:

The plugin incorporates robust product review and rating features, allowing customers to provide feedback and ratings for products purchased from different vendors. This enhances transparency and trust within the marketplace, facilitating informed purchasing decisions for customers.

Vendor Analytics and Reporting:

Dokan Pro offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools for vendors, providing insights into sales performance, revenue trends, and customer behavior. Vendors can track key metrics and make data-driven decisions to optimize their product offerings and marketing strategies.

Dokan Pro – Revolutionizing E-commerce Excellence with Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

In conclusion, Dokan Pro stands as a pinnacle of innovation and efficiency in the realm of e-commerce platforms, offering a comprehensive solution for building and managing multi-vendor marketplaces. With its extensive feature set, user-friendly interface, and dedication to customer satisfaction, Dokan Pro empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive in the competitive world of online selling.

Whether you’re looking to launch your own marketplace or expand your existing e-commerce venture, Dokan Pro provides the scalability, flexibility, and reliability needed to succeed. Embrace the future of online marketplaces with Dokan Pro and unlock endless possibilities for growth and success. The journey towards e-commerce excellence begins here.

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Dokan Pro v3.11.2 Release Banner 1

New: [Free Shipping Coupon for Vendors] Vendors can now create free shipping coupons from their coupon dashboard. This allows them to offer special shipping promotions to their customers. Additionally, vendors can easily add free shipping options using coupons from their shipping dashboard, making it easier to provide attractive incentives and a smooth shopping experience.

Update: Stripe express recipient cross-border transfer payout support added for US platform.

Update: A message for pending refund requests has been added to the order details page. The refund request button will be hidden when there is a pending refund request.

Fix: Cache issue resolved for the Product Advertisement module.

Fix: Vendor Subscription Activation issue fixed when purchasing with PayPal.

Fix: Removed empty columns from the order details page.

Fix: Stopped sending the Vendor Enable email when switching plans for already enabled vendors.

Fix: Vendor announcement email now correctly redirects to the individual announcement page instead of the announcement archive page.

Fix: Users are now redirected to the correct URL after Stripe authorization.

Fix: [Store Review] Fixed Admin CSS loading issue in the store review module.

Fix: Fixed PHP 8.2 warning on the checkout page.

Fix: Fixed MangoPay Webhook issue that tried to register webhooks when the API was not initially configured.

Fix: Fixed the inability to create UBO verification for vendors in the MangoPay Settings page.


  • Update: We have updated the URLs for payment gateways like Dokan Stripe Connect, Stripe Express, and PayPal on the payment management page.
  • Update: Redesigned the vendor verification process with a new custom method and added a setup wizard to make it easier.
  • Update: Updated the announcement title and content for vendors who don’t have any content or products. Now it provides more relevant and up-to-date information.
  • Fix: Fixed the issue with wholesale prices on the Classic Cart page. Now, the price shown matches the one set on the Product Edit page, so there’s no confusion about the total cost.
  • Fix: The exclusive seller badge button on the admin dashboard vendor edit page is now working correctly.
  • Fix: We cleared up the confusing seller badge content on the admin dashboard.
  • Fix: Removed the cache for withdrawals during automatic disbursement to ensure accurate processing.
  • Fix: The translations in the Product Q&A frontend are now loading correctly.
  • Fix: We set a default value for the chat button on the product page in the admin settings.
  • Fix: Payment gateway fees for Stripe and Stripe Express now include tax in their calculations.
  • Introducing a New Feature – ‘Product Q&A’
  • New Feature: Experience real-time engagement with our interactive Product Q&A Module. On product pages, visitors can ask direct questions and receive fast responses from vendors or admins. Provide unparalleled customer service, drive conversions, and foster trust by creating a frictionless, personalized shopping experience.
  • Fix: We’ve stopped a fatal error from happening when activating the abuse reason module and on the single product page.
  • Fix: [Email Verification] Verified sellers won’t be redirected to the first step of the seller setup wizard after clicking the ‘Let’s Go’ button anymore.
  • Fix: The translation on the Stripe Express webhook URL in the settings page has been removed.
  • Fix: Vendors can now properly apply availability rules for resources edited in the Vendor Dashboard.
  • Fix: The display of line item prices in the refund request table and the table heading label have been corrected.

=v3.10.3 ( Apr 17, 2024 )=

  • – **update:** Warning message for selecting fixed cart discount on admin coupon add edit page if single seller mode is disabled
    – **update:** Removed the Stripe Checkout setting from the Dokan Stripe Connect’s settings screen – **fix:** Return Request and Support menu notification count display fix for Menu Manager
    – **fix:** Advertisement product not purchasable for own product purchasing restriction
    – **fix:** Dokan admin dashboard section style broken
    – **fix:** Fatal error occurs when user profile settings data is empty initially
    – **fix:** Enable selection of previous shipment dates for vendor orders
    – **fix:** Resolved several PHP warnings occurring in the shipping, store review, and vendor verification functionalities.
    – **fix:** A issue where modules activation indicator was not visible
    – **fix:** vendor-specific coupon should not apply to admin
    – **fix:** WC Simple Auctions Plugin -> Proxy Auction Option Not Reflecting in new Dokan Auction Product
    – **fix:** The default category was set to null if the admin deleted the default category.
    – **fix:** Fixed an issue where if the admin deletes all the store categories, it doesn’t display the Store Categories Icon.
    – **fix:** Unnecessary page creation on Export & Import module activation
    – **fix:** The debug log shows a PHP Deprecated notice regarding the get_page_by_title function in the Dokan Pro plugin.
    – **fix:** Invalid order id error in Vendor subscriptions related orders metabox.
    – **fix:** [StripeConnect] Renewal orders failing while using Dokan Stripe Connect
    – **fix:** Log Gateway Processing fees in order note if vendor pays processing fees
    – **fix:** Elementor single store templates loading issue for first time users.

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