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In the dynamic world of website creation, having access to high-quality templates can save you time, effort, and money while ensuring your website looks stunning and functions flawlessly. Astra Premium Starter Templates Free Download emerges as a frontrunner in this domain, offering a comprehensive collection of beautifully crafted templates that cater to a wide range of website types and industries. Whether you’re building a business website, a creative portfolio, an e-commerce store, or a blog, Astra Premium Starter Templates provides the perfect foundation to bring your online vision to life.

Key Features of Astra Premium Starter Templates:

  • Extensive Template Library: Access a vast collection of premium starter templates designed for various website types, including business, creative, e-commerce, blog, and more.
  • Customizable and Flexible: Easily customize each template to match your brand identity and website preferences using the powerful customization options.
  • Responsive Design: Ensure your website looks stunning and functions flawlessly across all devices, from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones.
  • Optimized for Performance: Enjoy fast-loading websites with Astra’s lightweight and performance-optimized templates.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate seamlessly with popular page builders, such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, and Brizy.
  • Regular Updates and New Templates: Get access to regular updates with new templates, bug fixes, and compatibility enhancements.

Benefits of Using Astra Premium Starter Templates:

  • Accelerated Website Creation: Save time and effort by utilizing pre-built templates and customization options, reducing the need for extensive development.
  • Enhanced Design Appeal: Create a visually appealing website that reflects your brand and resonates with your target audience.
  • Improved User Experience: Provide a positive user experience with responsive design and optimized performance.
  • Reduced Website Development Costs: Eliminate the need for expensive custom website design and development.
  • Stay Updated with New Trends: Enjoy access to fresh templates and updates to keep your website modern and engaging.

Examples of Astra Premium Starter Templates Use Cases:

  • Create a Business Website: Build a professional business website that showcases your services, highlights your team, and establishes a strong online presence.
  • Design a Creative Portfolio: Develop a visually stunning portfolio website to showcase your work, attract clients, and establish yourself as a creative professional.
  • Launch an E-commerce Store: Create a captivating e-commerce store that showcases your products, facilitates secure transactions, and provides a seamless shopping experience.
  • Establish a Blog or News Platform: Build an engaging blog or news platform to share your insights, keep your audience informed, and attract new visitors.
  • Develop a Membership or Community Website: Create a membership or community website to provide exclusive content, foster engagement, and connect with your members.

Astra Premium Starter Templates Nulled stands as an exceptional choice for individuals, businesses, and anyone seeking to create a beautiful and functional website without extensive coding knowledge. With its vast template library, customizable options, responsive design, and commitment to performance, Astra empowers you to craft a website that not only reflects your brand but also delivers an exceptional user experience and drives your online success. Embrace the power of Astra Premium Starter Templates and transform your website into a masterpiece of design and functionality.


Starter Templates 4.3.8 Update

Hello Starter Templates Users!

We’re excited to announce the release of the Starter Templates version – 4.3.8! Check out what’s been added, improved, and fixed:


  • AI Builder – Added script translation with a filter to update the text domain for translations.


  • ZipAI – Added WordPress 6.6 compatibility.
  • Hardcoded indexes have been made dynamic.


  • AI Builder – Premium badge was not showing for Premium templates.
  • Footer widgets were not getting imported for AI & Classic templates.

Starter Templates 4.3.7 Update

Hello Starter Templates Users!

We’re excited to introduce the latest update, version 4.3.7. Here’s what’s new:


  • AI Builder – Enhanced sidebar for classic editor to align with AI Builder.
  • Updated pre-import screen for classic templates.
  • Standardized text-domain to “astra-aites” for all libraries.
  • Refreshed font pairs.
  • Removed duplicate code.


  • The Upload logo and selected color palette were not getting imported for FSE.
  • Design Kit – The Business category now pre-fills correctly during onboarding.
  • AI Builder – Business name now resets after clicking “Start Over.”
  • AI Builder – “Resume Session” popup no longer appears after site creation.
  • AI Builder – Business type now pre-fills correctly when the site is created from the ZipWP platform.
  • AI Builder – Hover color for accent color is now a CSS variable.

Starter Templates 4.3.6 Update

Hello Starter Templates Users!

We’re pleased to announce the release of Starter Templates Version 4.3.6, dedicated to making fixes and enhancing your experience.


  • AI Builder – Fixed an issue that prevented users from proceeding to the next step when the business type was entered manually.
  • Design Kit – Resolved an error that occurred when adding social media URLs and attempting to move to the next step.

Starter Templates 4.3.5 Update

We’re excited to announce the latest Starter Templates version – 4.3.5! 🎉

In this update, we’ve made significant improvements to our Design Kit and AI Builder, bringing you a bunch of new features, enhancements, and fixes.


  • Design Kit – Added a page preview feature and other page options.
page preview
  • Design Kit – Introduced error boundaries for improved error management.


  • Design Kit – Introduced a new “Favorites” tab, separated from Patterns, Pages, and Kits.
  • Design Kit – Added clickable navigation in the sidebar, allowing users to jump to previous steps.
  • Design Kit – Disabled live preview and other actions while inserting the kit into a page.
  • Design Kit – Improved UI/UX for a better user experience.
  • Design Kit – Enhanced error handling during the import process.
  • Design Kit – Added an admin notice for missing file permissions.
  • Design Kit – Removed validation for the mobile field in AI onboarding.
  • Design Kit – Added a loader while inserting the block.
  • AI Builder – Added ZipWP new features icon support.
  • AI Builder – Added a filter to disable the Premium Badge for templates.


  • Design Kit – Fixed console error causing a blank screen in GT AI onboarding if already prefilled.
  • Design Kit – Resolved an issue where the Design Library button was not displayed in the Spectra One theme editor when the Gutenberg Plugin was activated.
  • Design Kit – Fixed a console error occurring on the image screen when AI data was prefilled.
  • Design Kit – Addressed a blank screen issue when accessing the “Design Library” on Bedrock-powered sites.
  • Design Kit – Fixed option ‘ast-block-templates_data-‘ not getting deleted after importing the site template.
  • Design Kit – Prevented adding a block to a new page after Spectra installation.
  • Design Kit – Fixed shuffling of images when changing the orientation multiple times.
  • Design Kit – Fixed AI-generated business description response count not working as expected.
  • Design Kit – Fixed issue with authentication redirection.
  • AI Builder – Made essential features enabled by default and non-clickable.
  • AI Builder – UI improvements.
  • AI Builder – Fixed acceptance of incorrect input in the email field.
  • AI Builder – Ensured the “site creation limit exceeded” popup is displayed correctly.

Upgrade to Starter Templates 4.3.5 today to access these new features and improvements.

Starter Templates 4.3.4 Update

Hello Starter Templates Users!

We’re happy to share our latest update with you, especially improvements made to our AI Builder.


  • AI Builder – Improved UI/UX


  • AI Builder: Fixed the popup that shows when you reach the site creation limit.
  • AI Builder: Removed unnecessary error messages from the logs during import problems.

Starter Templates 4.3.1 Update

Hello Starter Templates Users!

We’re thrilled to bring you our latest update packed with brand-new enhancements. Check out what’s new:


  • Added logging for import failures with a user alert for log details, warning the users that retries will exhaust AI site attempts.
  • Prefill websites based on your previously created websites.


  • Resolved the issue causing infinite skeleton loading in the classic template library.
  • Resolved blog posts throwing 404 errors.
  • Fixed an error occurring when importing websites with ZipAI using the Spectra One theme and the Starter Templates plugin.
  • The title for the Description step now remains consistent, even in exceptional cases.
  • Resolved Console error for undefined images in the Design Kit.

That’s all for now! Upgrade to Starter Templates 4.3.1 today to access these enhancements.

Need help? Check out our docs or contact our support team.

Best Regards,
The Starter Templates Team

Starter Templates 4.2.4 Update


  • Added a way to disable Classic Templates Importer.


  • Fixed broken WP-CLI import process for classic templates.

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