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Outgrid v1.0.7 Download


v. 1.0.7 – 1 July 2024

UiCore Framework 5.0.14

Added animation for Grid Lines in Theme Options - General
Added Integrations tab in Theme Options to manage API keys
Added new submenu animation: Website Blur

Added new Google Fonts: Source Sans 3 and Source Serif 4

Fixed issue with Theme Builder header while using Keep theme default
Fixed issue with submenu on center creative header with top banner active
Fixed issue with Theme Builder page title not overwriting the default one
Fixed issue with last menu item on Pill Style header
Fixed weird behaviour with Advanced Post Grid widget in Theme Builder mega menu

UiCore Elements 1.0.6

Added new widget: Tabs (with Nested capabilities)
Added WPML String Translation support to all our widgets

Added Stroke Color & Gradient text options to Highlighted Text widget
Small Icon Box improvements
Optimized Accordion widget script
Optimized Accordion widget accessibility by adding keyboard navigation

Fixed Icon Box log errors and global link bug on the editor
Fixed Accordion accessibility errors pointed on Lighthouse and similar performance tools
Fixed Meta Component bug that made some widgets hover actions get triggered at hidden menus
Fixed Slider Animation bug that blocked some items animation from being triggered
Contact Form Submission API dynamic url

UiCore Animate 1.0.9

Added Animated Border support for Icon List individual items (from UiCore Elements)
Added Animated Border support for Advanced Post Grid individual items (from UiCore Elements)
Added Scroll Effects on containers (contains multiple effects like Sticky Scale, Mask Reveal and more)
Added Animated Border in all border controls (contains hover glow, rotate, multicolor rotate and more)

Minor Animated Border improvements

v. 1.0.6 – 6 May 2024

UiCore Framework 5.0.13

Added Header cta size selector
Container Sticky effects
Magnet button option for menu interaction

Fixed theme builder single issue on pages
Optimized control loading experiment compatibility
Fixed import issues caused by emoji

UiCore Animate 1.0.7

Fixed Fade In Page Transition issues

UiCore Elements 1.0.5

Added new widget: Contact Form
Added Vertical Alignment option on all Testimonial widgets
Added Multiple animations to Carousel and Slider Widgets

Several improvements on assets and components
Optimized Carousel widgets markup

Fixed issues with Accordion's active items and width
Fixed button alignment on both Advanced Post Grid & Advanced Post Carousel
Fixed transition problems on Icon Box
Fixed the content dummy content issue
v1.0.5 – 29 April 2024
UiCore Framework 5.0.12

Added post filters on blog page
Added box shadow option for button style
Added blur effect to header side drawer and mobile menu background
Added multiple new styling options for back to top button
Added excerpt in blog post page title
Added Full Screen style to blog post page title
Added option to force blog post typography in theme builder single template

Fixed issue with close button on Hamburger header layout
Fixed issue with search wrapper showing on the bottom of the page
Fixed issue Text Flip hover effect on menu items on mobile
Fixed issue Page Options - Transparent Header not working
Fixed issue with Loop Posts on blog navigation showing incorrect translation
Fixed issue with menu container on Hamburger Center layout
Fixed styling issue with shop checkout page

UiCore Animate 1.0.6

Animations Controller ui issues caused by selecting multiple widgets

UiCore Elements 1.0.4

Added new widget: Advanced Post Carousel

Fixed issue with Highlighted text using div tag
Fixed Split layout skin on Advanced Post Grid
Fixed warning on Post Grid
Fixed issue with Advanced Post Grid showing incorrect post date
Fix: Added correct ARIA attributes to Accordion
v1.0.4 – 4 April 2024
UiCore Framework 5.0.11

Added new options for page title: border radius and margin
Added new font: Hanken Grotesk

Fixed issue with call to action button link
Fixed issue with popup button not working if Inline Font Icons was active in Elementor Experiments
Fixed styling issue with post meta avatar
Fixed issue with transparent header not working in page options
Removed extension from themify-icons.css

UiCore Animate 1.0.5

Added new page transitions: Columns and Multilayer
Added new option: Preloader (23 different styles)

UiCore Elements 1.0.0

Added new widgets: Testimonial Grid, Testimonial Carousel, Testimonial Slider, Logo Grid, Logo Carousel
Added filtering options for Advanced Post Grid
Added AJAX pagination for Advanced Post Grid

Small bug fixes
v1.0.3 – 5 March 2024
UiCore Framework 5.0.10

Pill header style for desktop and mobile menu
Mobile Header Layout
Mobile Menu Entrance Animations

Moved entrance animations controls from animations tab to main component tab
Cart icon link on cart and checkout page
Custom Js <script> tag validator

Dropdown hover interaction click bugs
Theme builder Popup Warnings fix
Theme builder Portfolio category condition fix
Fixed issue with Element Pack Pro not activating
Fixed issue with submenu items not working on Dropdown Trigger: Click
Fixed documentation links in Theme Options
Other small bug fixes

UiCore Animate 1.0.4

Added multiple split text animations (Cut, Blur, and more)

Elementor Pro Compatibility fix
Removed console log from split animation
v1.0.2 – 7 February 2024
UiCore Framework 5.0.9:

Fixed issue with Element Pack Pro not activating
Fixed issue with submenu items not working on Dropdown Trigger: Click
Fixed documentation links in Theme Options
Other small bug fixes
v1.0.1 – 2 February 2024
UiCore Framework 5.0.8:

Added post reading time meta to blog grid and blog single
Added featured image option to column background
Added new custom trigger to close theme builder popup

Fixed compatibility issues with Tutor LMS plugin
Fixed compatibility issues with WooCommerce plugin
Fixed issue with submenu trigger
Fixed sidebar issue on the shop page
Fixed featured image issue on Simple Creative page title

UiCore Elements 0.0.2:

New Elementor widget: Counter
New Elementor widget: Icon Box
New Elementor widget: Accordion
New Elementor widget: Icon List

UiCore Animate 1.0.2

Added Smooth Scroll
Added the option to remove the Animation Controller from editor
Added the option to animate the columns

Fixed the Animation duration
Fixed Fluid Background Animations extra color bug
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