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Impreza v8.27 Download


Version 8.27 — July 5, 2024
ADDED new List Search element that allows to use a live search inside Post List and Product List elements. Example
IMPROVED Image Slider element:
it can now be added in any Grid Layout, this allows to create lists with sliding images. Example
added the Include Featured Image option, it helps to use the Image Slider on product/project pages. Example
added the ability to set Aspect Ratio
added the ability to change the size and distance between thumbnails
now the current slide has the rsActiveSlide class, this allows to easy customization
now in the Full Screen mode images are always not cropped, regardless of the "Image Fit" option
added the us_image_slider_js_options PHP hook that allows to customize javascript options
IMPROVED Row / Section element when showing an image slider on background:
added the Include Featured Image option, it helps to customize product/project pages. Example
added the Random Order option
now the current slide has the rsActiveSlide class, this allows to easy customization (for example for a Ken Burns effect)
IMPROVED Gallery element:
added the Include Featured Image option, it helps to use the Gallery on product/project pages. Example
added the Image Fit option that allows to show images without cropping
IMPROVED Post List and Product List elements – added option to Exclude posts of previous lists (analogue of the Grid element)
IMPROVED Search element – added the Icon Position option (available in a content area, not in a header)
UPDATED performance settings – the "Dynamically load theme JS components" option has been removed as it did not provide any improvement in website page loading
UPDATED Google Fonts list
UPDATED languages files
FIXED bug when the selected color scheme in the Color Scheme Switch element doesn't show global custom colors
FIXED appearance of loaded posts in the Post List with the "Masonry" layout and "load more" pagination
FIXED cases when a single Reusable Block can't be selected in element settings with the Live Builder
FIXED bug when the Product List with the "load more" pagination loads posts instead of products
FIXED bug when the Post List doesn't show posts with the same term of the current post
FIXED cases when the Live Builder doesn't allows to select elements in the preview area
FIXED accessibility issue when links don't have an aria-label in the Carousel element
FIXED rare issue when a color picker in Design settings can change its value
FIXED work of cq* units in the Gallery element with "Mosaic" layout
FIXED some minor issues

Version 8.26 — June 20, 2024#

  • ADDED ability to set the "Gap between Items" for different screen widths, available for Grid, Post List, Product List, Term List, and User List elements
  • IMPROVED Post List element:
    • added ability to show posts from ACF Relationship and Post Object custom fields
    • added ability to order posts by views, if the Post Views Counter plugin is active
    • added ability to show posts with (or without) any terms of the selected taxonomy
    • added ability to show posts of the current query with custom taxonomy conditions
    • now the list item corresponding to the current page has the class "current_page_item", this allow to create custom menus via the Post List element
  • IMPROVED Sidebar with Widgets (Widgetised Area) element:
    • it can now be edited using the Live builder
    • now it works even the WPBakery builder is not installed
  • IMPROVED Setup Wizard – now pre-built websites installation:
    • correctly overrides the Shop, Cart, Checkout, and My Account pages when installing all content with WooCommerce
    • includes sidebars with widgets
  • IMPROVED text dynamic values – added ability to show the current user data via the {{user|first_name}} shortcode. Learn more
  • IMPROVED WPML and Polylang support – added ability to translate the Message and Button Label fields from Theme Options > General > Cookie Notice
  • IMPROVED Popup element – added option to set amount of days for the next show, if the "Show to visitor only once" is enabled
  • UPDATED Google Fonts list
  • UPDATED languages files
  • FIXED issue when the "Auto Optimize" doesn't include needed assets if a Post List used without a Grid element
  • FIXED bug when the Video Player with an overlay image would not play the video from a file on iPhones
  • FIXED bug when the "Animations Disable Width" option doesn't affect on new scrolling effects
  • FIXED bug when the Enter key would not work for the coupon form on the custom checkout page
  • FIXED work of the "Show this section open" option with enabled Display Logic in Tabs sections
  • FIXED bug when Theme Options > Custom Code fields become wider due to long text strings
  • FIXED case when a Page Template used for Archives can't be edited with the Live builder
  • FIXED support for WPBakery builder version 7.7+
  • FIXED some minor issues

Version 8.25 — June 5, 2024

  • ADDED new Post List element, which allows to show:
    • multiple post types in a single list
    • posts excluding specific taxonomies
    • posts based on multiple taxonomies
    • posts by custom field values
    • posts by specific authors
    • posts except selected
    • child pages of selected pages
    • pages without their child pages
  • ADDED ability to deactivate the theme license on the Impreza > About admin page
  • IMPROVED site performance – significantly reduced the number of database queries when showing a site that has a huge amount of taxonomy terms
  • IMPROVED text dynamic values – added ability to show the current date and time via the {{date|custom_format}} shortcode. Learn more
  • IMPROVED Video Player element – now video files are not preloaded if the Overlay Image is set
  • IMPROVED Grid Filter element – now its dropdowns can be closed using the ESC key
  • IMPROVED Product List element – added ability to show recently viewed products
  • UPDATED Google Fonts list
  • UPDATED languages files
  • FIXED bug with the Post Image element appearing blank when the aspect ratio and media preview are set
  • FIXED bug when the ACF dynamic background image is not showing with a gradient background color
  • FIXED support of "span" HTML tags in the Text element when editing with the WPBakery builder
  • FIXED several cases with the incorrect filtering of Grid items with the "load more" pagination
  • FIXED incorrect number of selected terms being displayed in the Grid and Term List settings
  • FIXED empty popup when selecting dynamic link values ​​in the Video Player element
  • FIXED incorrect size of the "+1" indicator of the Gallery element in Safari
  • FIXED incorrect preview of the Row Content Position in the Live Builder
  • FIXED incorrect position of the product count in the Cart element
  • FIXED shop notices style on the Cart and Checkout pages
  • FIXED some minor issues

Version 8.24.2 — May 15, 2024#

  • FIXED possible PHP error after updating Impreza to 8.24 and 8.24.1 from versions older than 8.22
Version 8.23.4 — April 24, 2024
  • FIXED work of dynamic colors specified as Text color, Border color, Text Shadow color and Box Shadow color in Grid Layout elements
  • FIXED bug when the Custom Heading element doesn't save its Design settings in WPBakery version 7.6
  • FIXED bug when Popups can't be opened in Safari 17.4+
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