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Foxiz v2.4.1 Download

Foxiz Changelog

Version 2.4.1 – 24 Jun 2024

  • Fixed compatibility issues with older PHP versions (prior to 7.4.x) in version 2.4.0.
  • and minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.4.0 – 21 Jun 2024

  • Improved overall theme performance: reduced CSS file size, minimized dynamic CSS, optimized PHP and JS code.
  • Improved INP speed value for Core Web Vitals.
  • Added new demos: Coffee & Tea, Recipe, Watches Shop.
  • Added global settings for the featured image ratio in theme options.
  • Added more columns control for simple gallery for responsive design.
  • Added more socials options for site socials and user profiles.
  • Added more socials for the social counter widgets.
  • Added styling support for WordPress Recipe Maker.
  • Added schema video format markup with on/off setting.
  • Added notification and one-click automatic update for theme and core plugins for future versions.
  • Added URL options and improved call to action blocks to allow clicking the entire block.
  • Added Disclosure box to the top section of single post for easy addition of information.
  • Added scroll to restriction when clicking on table of contents if the post is protected by membership.
  • Added mobile logo height option.
  • Added disable settings for tablet and mobile for the divider element of the flex grid and list.
  • Added option to choose order by: random, date, updated, and relevance for the related posts in theme options and Gutenberg related block.
  • Changed default order of related blocks to random.
  • Added global size settings for the dark mode switcher.
  • Added sidebar width control for the shop and category pages.
  • Added support for sticky sidebar on the shop & product category pages.
  • Added columns settings for image gallery on the single product page.
  • Add overlay link settings for the Gutenberg review block.
  • Improved featured image settings for the personalize blocks.
  • Improved author bio box.
  • Improved only load CSS for WP Simple Membership when using this plugin.
  • Improved styling and settings for newsletter boxes 1, 2, and 3, added image width control for newsletter box 1.
  • Supported lazyload for background image in the newsletter boxs.
  • Improved sticky code to ensure the last widget of a Ruby template sticks when assigned to sidebars, eliminating the need to create multiple sidebar templates for sticky the last widget.
  • Improved bookmark and follow features for logged-in users, synchronized across devices when logged in simultaneously.
  • Improved search header style settings.
  • Reduced installation package size.
  • Removed theme options from the customization panel as many specific settings are not supported on this page, thereby enhancing backend performance.
  • Improved WooCommerce styling, compatible with WooCommerce v8.9.3
  • Improved overall styling and spacing for small elements such as menu labels, footer menu, category icons, ordered lists, and unordered lists.
  • Fixed Yoast SEO breadcrumb styling.
  • Fixed product search widget layout.
  • Fixed Gutenberg accordion tab block in AMP mode.
  • Fixed new checkout/cart block layout of the latest WooCommerce.
  • Fixed Gutenberg note custom header background color in the dark mode.
  • Various other improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.3.6 – 29 May 2024

  • Improved animation styling speed.
  • Improved AJAX requests for security.
  • and minor improvements and bug fixes.
Version 2.3.5 – 7 May 2024

  • Fixed Tree Shaking CSS conflict causing icons not to appear correctly in AMP mode.
  • and minor improvements and bug fixes.
Version 2.3.4 – 16 Apr 2024

  • Added automatically remove duplicated posts for the blog page (category, blog, archive) without using a Ruby template when it has a top featured blog post area.
  • Added option to disable ads script on 404 page.
  • Added more font weights for default system UI fonts.
  • Added font weight 300 for the body font.
  • Fixed loading Elementor CSS in the standard single post in the old version.
  • Fixed overflow in Gallery block when using single template builder.
  • Fixed multiple quote blocks styling issue.
  • Updated Google Fonts.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.
Version 2.3.3 – 3 Apr 2024

  • Compatible with WordPress 6.5
  • Enhanced PHP code performance
  • Added setting for paragraph tag spacing in single posts
  • Added option to create a top search template area, beneficial for showcasing the header area (including title and search form) at the top in scenarios where no results are found while utilizing a template to construct the search result layout.
  • Added post type select custom post types in the search form.
  • Added and improved settings include or exclude post types in the search result settings for better understanding and easier setup.
  • Added support for multiple position for inline related content via shortcodes.
  • Added background settings for the table of contents, inline related and left share section.
  • Added settings for templates, posts per page, and headers for the primary archive page of custom post types, particularly beneficial when enabled through third-party plugins.
  • Improved primary tag selection to mitigate the load time when editing posts on websites with large tag datasets.
  • Fixed conflicts with Select2 and certain third-party plugins in the post editor in some scenarios.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.
Version 2.3.2 – 19 Mar 2024
  • Added cache feature for the taxonomy-based post list to optimize large query content.
  • Added the capability to manually input post type keys to control the display of post types in search page results.
  • Added on/off option for iframe responsive support in the classic editor mode.
  • Improved the settings panel by relocating tag page, taxonomy, and post types settings into new dedicated panels.
  • Updated Google Fonts.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.
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