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Enfold v6.0.2 Download

Enfold Theme Changelog

July 17th, 2024 – Version 6.0.2

compatibility: WP 6.6 fix for block editor hiding ALB button in header

accessibility: use aria-label=false for ALB icons with a link
accessibility: added role="menu" aria-orientation="vertical" to av-burger-overlay div

updated: Italian language files it_IT (version 6.0.1, provided by BigBatT - [email protected])


tweak: ALB Heading added addition class av-font-size-is-xx to container (needs theme support 'avia_builder_add_heading_type_size_class')

July 10th, 2024 – Version 6.0.1

performance tweak: remove custom fields query from frontend and allow to limit result set in backend

tweak: extended ALB button elements with aria-label from custom title attribute
tweak: extended ALB button elements button title attribute option with dynamic content 
tweak: ALB buttons move option "Button Title Attribute" to "Content" tab below "Icon Visibility" 
tweak: ALB buttons removed condition for Button Title Attribute in modal popup
tweak: display 6.0 backend update message to administrators only
tweak: remove query for WP custom fields from frontend for dynamic content feature
tweak: extend theme option to show "Custom Layout" menus in WP menus to admins or all users
tweak: make Contact Form placeholders inherit body font family

fixed: Shop banner warning "Array to string conversion in ../config-woocommerce/config.php on line 1773" 
fixed: missing default icons in ALB Button Row element in the backend
fixed: ALB Accordion title broken when using HTML markup
fixed: ALB masonry adds alt attribute to background image container - removed


added: filter 'avf_layerslider_order_by_select_alb' - change the order of layersliders in selectbox in canvas of ALB
added: filter 'avf_custom_layout_show_wp_menus' - allows to filter, which users can see "Custom Layout" menus in WP menus

added: theme support 'avia_builder_add_heading_type_size_class' - adds option to add additional class to heading for custom styling

July 1st, 2024 – Version 6.0

feature: extended options for shop banner location (above or below title/breadcrumb bar) and parallax or scroll
feature: added options for responsive shop banner image 
feature: ALB Accordion added option to show toggle title below content
feature: ALB Accordion added option to set slide speed of toggle content for each toggle
feature: ALB Accordion added option for an open toggle title
feature: Theme options -> Layout Builder -> Custom Page Layout And Dynamic Content
feature: Dynamic content support in TinyMCE "ALB Magic Wand Button" dropdown
feature: new ALB element "Dynamic Data" (can be used in ALB Table element)
feature: new ALB element "Custom Layout" 
feature: shortcode 'av_dynamic_el' - supports output of dynamic data also in non ALB areas
feature: added theme option Layout Builder -> Show advanced options -> Activate Your Custom Post Types For ALB
feature: CPT support to select default terms when saving post (WP Dashboard -> Settings -> Writing)
feature: CPT support to extend CPT Edit Page table with taxonomy column and thumbnail colum (WP Dashboard -> Settings -> Writing)
feature: Extended ALB video for portrait videos and better lightbox CSS for portrait, landscape and also for custom ratio videos

feature: added Dynamic Content support to various elements:

Layout Elements:


Content Elements:

    Animated Numbers
    Content Slider
    Fullwidth Buttons
    Headline Rotator
    Icon Box
    Icon Circles
    Icon List
    Icon/Flipbox Grid
    Progress Bar
    Promo Box
    Social Buttons
    Special Heading
    Team Member

Media Elements:

    Before-After Images
    Horizontal Gallery
    Image Hotspot
    Masonry Gallery

feature: ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) support with dynamic content for following ACF types:

    gallery (**** pro version)

feature: Support for ACF post types and taxonomies
feature: Checkbox ACF -> Post Type -> Advanced Configuration -> Enfold Layouts to show Layout Metabox in edit screen

tweak: updated the "For Developers: Custom Tab ID" string to "Custom Toggle ID" in ALB Accordion element
tweak: moved ALB "Page Content" to Layout Element Tab

accessibility: ALB tabs added better HTML support for European Accessibility Act
accessibility: started adding html markup aria-hidden="true" tabindex="-1" for empty h* tags to several ALB elements
accessibility: added aria-label='...' to elements where user entered a "Custom Title Attribute" in addition to title='....'
accessibility: ALB accordion added better HTML support for European Accessibility Act

fixed: warning undefined-array-key-medium-in-class-popup-templates-responsive-php
fixed: CSS for ALB audio player in audio post format
fixed: ALB table element delete icon for rows not visible for button rows
fixed: Theme option 'Custom Post Type Screen' not hidden when theme support 'avia-custom-elements-cpt-screen' is not set
fixed: CSS for ALB table when empty cells in the pricing table are hidden when "show empty cells" is enabled
fixed: Latest News widget might break backend
fixed: ALB icon box link title displayed instead of title when link is applied to icon and title

updated: Dutch language files nl_NL (version 6.0 provided by EZWebdesign - Roger Hoen )
updated: Italian language files it_IT (version 6.0, provided by BigBatT - [email protected])
added: Norwegian Nynorsk language files nn_NO (version 5.7.1 provided by Berntjs )
updated: French language files fr_FR (version 6.0, provided by comkapi - Patrick)
updated: Croatian language files hr (version 6.0, provided by NUIT d.o.o. - [email protected] )
fixed: translation error in all german language files

Updated: LayerSlider 7.11.1


feature: dismissible admin notice boxes with possibility to include custom HTML templates

tweak: redesign of theme options update logic with integration of dismissible admin notice boxes
tweak: wrapped functions in ..config-woocommercedmin-options.php in function_exits()
tweak: ALB video add custom css class option and video format to lightbox wrap container .mfp-wrap (based on solution by Guenni007)

added: classes 'avia-video-cookie-allowed' and 'avia-video-cookie-not-allowed' to HTML
added: theme support 'avia_disable_cpt_support' to disable CPT support feature (does not load class file)
added: various filters for custom page layout, dynamic content support, admin notice box:

    ‘avf_admin_notices_definition_files’ – add paths to custom box definition files, this allows to override previous defined boxes
    ‘avf_init_admin_notices’ – allows to alter the admin notice box array with definitions
    ‘avf_admin_notices_filtered’ – for current user filtered notice boxes to display
    ‘avf_skip_output_single_notice’ – skip output of notice box
    'avf_admin_notices_activate_cron' - enable/disable cron job to clean up database for notice box show data and user meta
    'avf_admin_notice_default_expire_time' - change the default expire time (in a context)

added: filter 'avf_alb_magic_wand_button' - allows to modify tinyMCE menu for ALB magic wand dropdown
added: filter 'avf_force_alb_usage' - allows to force ALB for a post (see https://github.com/KriesiMedia/enfold-library/blob/master/actions%20and%20filters/ALB%20core/avf_force_alb_usage.php)
added: filter 'avf_shortcode_insert_button_backend_disabled' - allows to enable/disable an ALB shortcode button in backend
added: filter 'avf_cpt_support_post_types' - allows to remove CPT's from support by this feature (e.g. like products)
added: filter 'avf_cpt_support_no_table_filters' - allows to skip adding thumbnail and taxonomy columns to CPT table screens
added: filter 'avf_cpt_wp_settings_writing' - allows to create a custom output on WP Settings Writing screen
added: filter 'avf_woocommerce_default_banner_image_size' - change shop banner image size (intended for product category thumbs )
added: filter 'avf_contact_form_datepicker_args' - change contact form datepicker aguments e.g. like date range
added: template taxonomy.php to provide basic support for ACF custom taxonomies (based on taxonomy-portfolio_entries.php)

removed: avia_backend_admin_notice()
removed: avia_backend_reset_admin_notice()
May 6th, 2024 – Version 5.7.1
tweak: add additional parameters to filter avf_customize_heading_settings for slideshows using class avia_slideshow
tweak: allow to add custom Google Maps styles with filter ‘avf_gmap_vars’ (see https://kriesi.at/support/topic/change-google-maps-styling/)
tweak: ALB Search element add title and aria-label to link buttons
tweak: make the Search field required with attribute required to avoid searching with empty term and wrap in HTML "search" tag (works only in latest browser versions early 2024)
tweak: improve UI feedback for search form button
tweak: improve option page checkbox toggle UI (added check mark, moved toggle to right when checked)
tweak: added limitation description to theme option when Page as Footer is used

fixed: CSS in ALB Iconbox when empty content breaking heading
fixed: CSS for ALB gradient color left bottom right top and right bottom to left top
fixed: ALB Tab Section custom styles broken when multiple Tab Sections on a page
fixed: missing > in HTML p tag in contact.js
fixed: CSS background issue on mobile devices with the Header, Footer, Socket, Main, and Alternate background-attachment - set to "scroll" from "fixed" 
fixed: CSS to show svg in media library list view
fixed: ALB columns misplaced parentheses line 2055 in empty()

accessibility: added aria-label to search fields

compatibility RankMath: Register ALB Images to RankMath Sitemap

updated: Italian language files it_IT (version 5.7.1, provided by BigBatT - [email protected])
updated: Croatian language files hr (version 5.7.1, provided by NUIT d.o.o. - [email protected] )
updated: Dutch language files nl_NL (version 5.7 provided by EZWebdesign - Roger Hoen )
updated: French language files fr_FR (version 5.7.1 provided by comkapi - Patrick)
updated: translations for some strings in german language files
updated: sync all language files (5.7.1)

Updated: LayerSlider 7.11.0


added: filter "avf_section_padding" - modify ALB section padding selectbox values (see https://github.com/KriesiMedia/enfold-library/blob/master/actions%20and%20filters/ALB%20Elements/Section/avf_section_padding.php)
added: filter "avf_section_padding_default" - modify default value for ALB section padding selectbox 
added: filter 'avf_post_ingnore_featured_image_link' - allows to remove featured image link in blog posts (see https://github.com/KriesiMedia/enfold-library/blob/master/actions%20and%20filters/Layout/avf_post_ingnore_featured_image_link.php)
April 4th 2024 – Version 5.7
feature: added file download functionality to ALB button element (see link settings toggle)

tweak: refactored function avia_backend_create_file() - better error handling
tweak: updated theme options descriptions text Performance/Minified Files
tweak: replaced text "Twitter" with "X" 

fixed: link not working for ALB image when "image hover effect" set to "fade to another image" 
fixed: CSS in ALB table empty cell in pricing table in last row is visible
fixed: ALB Masonry shows posts from non empty category with one empty category and relation AND
fixed: datepicker CSS in backend when next/prev button is disabled

PHP 8.3 compatibility.: fixed strict data type warning in slideshow_layerslider.php

updated: Italian language files it_IT (version 5.6.12, provided by BigBatT - [email protected])
updated: sync all language files (5.7)

Updated: LayerSlider 7.10.1


tweak: refactor dynamic-css.php for better readability
tweak: ALB Icon List - added $this->element_atts as parameter to filter 'avf_customize_heading_settings'

BETA Feature: initial support for WP plugin "Cookiebot CMP by Usercentrics" ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/cookiebot/ ) see ../config-cookiebot/class-avia-cookiebot.php 
added: support for js wp.hooks in frontend (dummy wrapper functions to avoid checks for wp.hooks in js if not loaded - see avia-js.js)
added: theme support 'avia_include_cookiebot' - allows to run our scripts
added: filter 'avf_allow_wp_hooks_dependency' - allows to add js wp.hooks for frontend - is not by default
added: filter 'avf_dynamic_css_additional_vars' - used to add additional var()
added: filter 'avf_dynamic_css_after_vars' - used to add additional var() in own :root

feature: replace fixed color values with var() in dynamic-css.php

added: filter 'avf_dynamic_css_calculated_colors' - add additional calculated colors to color set array $avia_config['backend_colors']['color_set']
added: $avia_config['backend_colors']['color_set_var'] containing var(....) instead of color values
added: filter 'avf_supress_css_theme_variables' extended to use color values or var(....)
added: filter 'avf_file_download_supported_file_types' - change supported download file types to show in media gallery popup
March 15th 2024 – Version 5.6.12
fixed: Undefined variable $skipSecond in ../avia-shortcodes/section/section.php
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