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Cost Calculator Builder PRO v3.1.85 Download

Cost Calculator Builder PRO Changelog


July 15, 2024


  • Added the ability to select the year in the Date picker element.

  • Added "Type of label in total" setting in Image Checkbox.

  • The address selected in Geolocation is now pulled into Webhook.

  • When selecting only one option in Image Checkbox, the value is displayed only in Total but not in Composition.


  • PDF and Send Quote are not displayed in Preview & Appearance and Submit button is not changed.

  • Default value is not applied in Image dropdown and Image Radio elements if the number is hundredth.

  • The old label remains after changing the value in the Default Value(s) in the Image Checkbox element.


July 9, 2024


  • Added a tooltip for long text and long ID in Conditions.

  • Product names in WooCheckout are shortened with the addition of a tooltip.

  • On the Confirmation page, the page name is shortened with the addition of a tooltip.

  • The calculator name was shortened with the addition of a tooltip in the Calculator field in WooProduct.

  • In WooProduct Product category shortened without adding a tooltip.


  • PDF does not display totals without formula elements.

  • Total field settings in WooCheckout override Total field settings in Payments and Order form.

  • Long text in the calculator title overrides the field in Orders.

  • Required in populated Repeater does not skip Geolocation element with Multiply option.

  • The "DELETED" label on the Orders page moves off if the calculator name is 2 lines long


July 3, 2024


  • Added ability to add multiple emails to the default Order form.

  • Added warning for the case when the user enables the Contact form but leaves email and subject fields blank.

  • Send Quote and PDF buttons are shown when filling Order form with Confirmation page disabled.


  • The Multi Range field is incorrectly displayed with a long title.

  • When deleting a new Repeater in an old Repeater, the country code in the Validated form returns to the original value.

  • After entering a promo code, the price is calculated at the old price.

  • If one period is deleted in the Date picker with Make some days unselectable and Block a period enabled, all periods are deleted.


June 27, 2024


  • Added new options for Click action setting of Sticky Calculator: Pop up summary, Download PDF, Share invoice, WooCheckout action after submit, Pop up on WooProduct page and WooCheckout action on WooProduct page.

  • Added a setting to show or not a calculator in the background when the Sticky Calculator is enabled.


  • Notice "Note: PDF files are not enabled" is displayed with PDF entries enabled.

  • Elements are not hidden in Preview and Appearance after resetting the condition.

  • Calculator is not added to Elementor Popup.


June 21, 2024


  • In Orders, all Formula elements are displayed regardless of selection in Payment Gateways and individual Formula elements with counts are highlighted.

  • Formula elements are displayed on WooCommerce Cart and Checkout pages.

  • In Email, all Formula elements are displayed regardless of their selection in Payment Gateways and separate Formula with counting are highlighted.


  • Invalid data in one Repeater affects validation in a new Repeater in all elements.


June 5, 2024


  • Added a setting to show calculations after the visitor has entered all form contact details in the Order form.


  • The Submit button in Preview & Appearance does not change when changed via Global settings.

  • When paying with Cash payment an alert comes out that the price must be greater than 0 if there are no calculations.

  • Words in Conditions are cut off.

  • Payment with Stripe, Razorpay, Cash payment, PayPal does not pass if there are special characters in the calculator name.

  • In Conditions it is not possible to draw Range in Date picker through unselectable days.

  • Repeater numbering moves away if the Repeater title is long.


May 29, 2024


  • When you delete one of the products on the “Orders” page after reloading the page, the price of the remaining product is assigned to the product and not to the calculation.

  • Order Form is not working when Upload File element is used in Conditions.

  • When reopening the map with the Request user location option in the Geolocation element, the custom icon becomes the default icon.


May 27, 2024


  • Added the ability to filter orders by date.

  • Added the ability to search for orders by calculator name, ID and email.

  • Now you can export orders in CSV and XLS.

  • Enhancement: Added text transfer in the label of item option and description.

  • It is possible to select dates if they are from the previous and next month.

  • Added a setting to make the calendar close automatically after selecting dates.


  • The geolocation element is incorrectly displayed in the mobile version.

  • The dropdown with Woo products does not open on screens smaller than 1375px.


May 16, 2024


  • Added the Order ID to the email subject line.

  • Now Values are not displayed on WooCommerce pages in Dropdown list, Image dropdown, Radio select, and Image Radio items with label-only option.


  • When an item is moved to Repeater, it remains inside Formula and the calculator does not load in Preview.

  • In the Geolocation element, the distance is calculated in “miles” even if the settings are set to “kilometers”.

  • With the Ranged price for the distance setting in Compositions, the distance is displayed as 10 for all values.

  • With the Ask users to choose starting and destination points option, after clicking Clear selection, markers from the selected locations remain on the map.

3.1.71 - May 8, 2024


  • Added settings to change markers for selected addresses and pickup points in the Geolocation element (Pro).


  • In Contact form 7 the display of elements in Repeater is not adapted.
  • When paying without an Order form, the split for Repeater is not displayed in the Email.
  • Default value was not applied to all items within a Group field when it was made hidden by default and displayed via Conditions.
  • No data from Webhook when using the Send Quote or Payment button.
  • If Formula elements in the Group field are greater than or equal to 11, Formula is no longer deleted inside the Group field.
  • The options in Radio, Image Radio, DropDown and Image DropDown are duplicated in the Value drop-down menu when selecting the Conditions options.
  • Elements hidden by default performed condition actions from Conditions.
3.1.70 - May 6, 2024


  • The drop-down menu in the Time picker closes when clicking on any area of the screen.
  • Added SVG format for image loading in Image Dropdown.
  • Selected locations are displayed in Geolocation when paying via WooCommerce.


  • Formula comes without ID in Delivery service & Web design templates.
  • When making one Repeater field hidden, other Repeaters are also hidden.
  • Total appears on the page with item count outside Repeater if there is no Formula item.
  • The word "Orders ID" and date in the Email template is not translated via Loco Translate.
  • Razorpay and Cash Payment are not payment methods for Webhook and the Toggle to enable the webhook for Payment methods is disabled.
  • In Compositions labels merge with value due to lack of space between them.
3.1.69 - May 2, 2024


  • Added the ability to open the map If in Conditions select Geolocation via the "Select and disable" option.
  • Added a separate button to reset the location when it is opened on the map.
  • Selected locations in Geolocation are displayed when paying via Contact form 7.
  • The price for each km/mile is displayed in the Summary.


  • After adding the first location with the "Ask to choose one among multiple locations" option, the address is displayed when adding all other locations.
  • If you click Cancel, the selected location is reset with the "Multiple locations" option selected.

  • Small bug fixes.
3.1.68 - April 26, 2024


  • Showing a certain number of orders per page is not visible if there are many pages in Orders.
3.1.67 - April 22, 2024


  • When the device width is between 768 and 820 pixels, the total field in the sticky total is not displayed.
  • Contact Information is not displayed in PDF after payment without the Order form.
  • If a long title is entered in the Texts field in the Confirmation page settings, words are not transferred.
  • No transition to Cart page when using WooCommerce and Order form is enabled.
  • If the label for the option in the Image dropdown element is longer than 100 characters, c 4 lines of words do not fit in the width of the field in the dropdown menu.
  • If Payments methods are set up, they don't show up in Preview and Appearance
3.1.66 - April 18, 2024


  • Added a Geocation element to the builder to get a customer location.
3.1.65 - April 16, 2024


  • Added counting of added Repeater to the right of the label in Total.
  • Added an option to show the Confirmation page.


  • Instead of the selected formula in Payments, the formula with the highest ID is added to the cart.
  • After the Show/Hide condition is met, items inside the Group field are no longer required to be filled.
  • Stripe is not sending emails after payment.
  • Scripts from the Confirmation page are shown on the page load.
  • Clicking on "Order again" pulls up the price for the product instead of calculations and options from the calculator on the Cart and Checkout page.
  • Files are not sent to the Email template from File upload when paying without the Order form.
3.1.64 - April 9, 2024


  • Added text transfer for options of Dropdown list and Image dropdown elements with long text.
  • Added promo code information when downloading a PDF document and when sending a PDF via Send Quote.


  • Text in Contact information went beyond the table in PDF with Contact Form 7 enabled.
  • Values are displayed in ccb-subtotal in Contact Form 7 even though they are hidden in the calculator itself.
  • Long text in the Email field in the Orders form goes outside the table in the PDF.
  • If there are a lot of items, they don't fit in the PDF when uploaded via Orders.
  • When opening an Order form, the calculator is overlaid on top of the bottom widget in the mobile version.
  • Razorpay does not display the price and total in Orders.
3.1.63 - March 28, 2024


  • Added ability to upload .tiff format files into the File upload field.
  • Minor visual edits were made to the Conditions.


  • Order is not translated in the Email template and on the Orders page for admin and user.
  • Hidden Quantity element appears in Orders, PDF and email.
  • Elements are incorrectly displayed in 1280px-1660px resolutions on the Email Template, Captcha, and Woo Checkout pages.
  • The date in emails is not translated when the language is changed.
  • No more than 5 field formulas come in when using webhooks.
  • Small bug fixes.
3.1.62 - March 19, 2024


  • Fixed an issue with performance due to the sub-module.
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