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Blocksy Pro v2.0.58 Download


Version: 2.0.58 RELEASED ON JULY 17, 2024

  • AJAX Panel Reveal for Filters Canvas - correctly lock scroll on iOS devises
  • Auto updates process is not triggered on some specific setups
  • Contacts element - small HTML validation issue
  • Contacts module - add visibility option for each item separately
  • Content Blocks - better integration with WowStore plugin
  • Integration with ACPT plugin
  • Make sure Trending Posts extension inherits stock query rules from WooCommerce
  • Shop Extra - make sure Filter Canvas has a smarter loading for caching plugins when AJAX reveal is enabled
  • Shop filter block - minor RTL improvements
  • Content blocks - "Code Editor" button does not show on WordPress 6.6 setups
  • Product cards Type 2 does not show pre-selected variation price
  • Swatches CSS isn't loaded if the [related_products] shortcode is used and other swatches are not present on the page

Version: 2.0.57 RELEASED ON JULY 4, 2024

  • Floating cart - add visibility options for product image and price
  • Header contacts element device visibility option
  • Shop filters - minor visual improvements
  • Advanced Menu label options do not update their availability until saving the menu
  • Smarter loading for Greenshift styles in AJAX popups
  • Sub menu background color (column) does not get removed if item is placed to the first level
  • [blocksy_posts] shortcode and filtering argument does not work correctly

Version: 2.0.56 RELEASED ON JUNE 27, 2024

  • Cart quantity auto update does not work with custom quantity input turned off
  • Conditions manager - improve custom posts type archive rule
  • Content blocks module - better integration with Greenshift tab block
  • Filter canvas shortcuts bar button - apply visibility classes only when needed
  • Include generated variation link in share box module
  • Language Switcher - TranslatePress - Correctly escape urls in link
  • Make sure languages footer element loads its assets correctly
  • Shop extra filters - better logic for active filters list
  • Single product countdown timer does not load its assets if there is no "from" date range selected
  • Fixed an issue when dashboard bulk select was not working properly

Version: 2.0.53 RELEASED ON JUNE 7, 2024

  • Add image icon/logo option to taxonomies
  • Minor improvements for dynamic data image type
  • Shop extra swatches - correct stock calculation for attributes with special characters in the name field
Version: 2.0.45 - RELEASED ON MAY 3, 2024
  • Correctly compute Mailchimp region from the API key
Version: 2.0.44 - RELEASED ON MAY 3, 2024
  • Correctly fallback to defaults for untranslated strings
Version: 2.0.43 - RELEASED ON MAY 2, 2024
  • Correctly translate all strings from Pro version
  • Make sure filters are not rendered in single product page
  • Shop Extra Filters ensure tax query is set after Woo alters the main query
  • User role conditions do not show up in the Content Blocks table
  • Shop Extra Filters never attempt to alter queries on the admin area
Version: 2.0.42 - RELEASED ON APRIL 25, 2024
  • Account header element profile photo support YITH Customize My Account plugin
  • Starter sites installation process improvements
Version: 2.0.41 - RELEASED ON APRIL 19, 2024
  • Allow multiple instances of newsletter block in same post
  • [blocksy_posts] shortcode type slider has weird spacing for pills
Version: 2.0.40 - RELEASED ON APRIL 18, 2024
  • Newsletter Subscribe - add option to make the "name" field mandatory
Version: 2.0.39 - RELEASED ON APRIL 11, 2024
  • General fixes and improvements
Version: 2.0.38 - RELEASED ON APRIL 4, 2024
  • Introduce a WP CLI command for installing a starter site in one step
  • Make sure Product Reviews extension post contents is searchable
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