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B2BKing v5.1.00 Download

B2BKing Changelog

Version 5.1.00 - July 10th, 2024


- Tiered pricing integration for manual backend orders.

- Min / max / step integration with Blocks cart


- Hotfix for frontend JS error

Version 5.0.90 - July 8th, 2024

New features:

- Bulk Variations Table: Can now replace variation add to cart form completely. 
Multiple enhancements and new options.

- New features for Cream Order Form: Multi-select, View cart button, Totals calculation, 
Corner mini cart option.

- Design, styling, responsiveness improvements to Cream Order Form.

- Added Image Zoom Preview on Hover for Cream and Indigo Order Forms.


- Hidden license details by default

- Added alternative VIES connection path that can solve connection issues / errors
such as “could not connect to host / couldn’t load from..”. 
See: https://woocommerce-b2b-plugin.com/docs/vat-and-vies-validation/#6-toc-title

- Integration with XStore so that B2BKing can detect the XStore pop-up cart, 
and apply min/max/step quantities correctly.


- Fixed offers issue where if a bundle contained a product, 
the b2b group price no longer worked for separate instances of that product.

- Fixed issue with double stock calculation for B2B users

- Fixed incorrect “in stock” status for separate b2b stock.

- Fixed tiered table bug on products with raise price rules

- Fixed issue where subaccounts did not get access to parent account offers

- Fixed bug where tiered price table was throwing JS error.

- Fixed pagination bug not showing all items on previous pages


- Monthly group rules are now applied linearly (a single group rule can apply to a user at a time).

- Group rules now use orders based on completed status by default.

Version 5.0.35 - May 28th, 2024


- Fixed bug where saving variation stock quantities affected all variations or 
threw “value has changed since editing” error.

- Fixed issue where page visibility did not apply correctly to shop page

- Minor fixes and improvements
Version 5.0.15 - April 23rd, 2024

- Added cart and checkout blocks support for B2BKing Minimum and Maximum Order Rules

- Dynamic discount rules are now also displayed in the tiered price table

- Integration to apply raise price rules to bulk order form

- Integration for tax exemptions with Avalara Tax
Version 4.9.90 - March 19th, 2024
New features:

- Content shortcode now supports checking whether a customer has bought a certain product. 
This way you can make specific content available to only users who purchased X product.


- Added export feature to Customers admin panel

- Made integration between tiered price tables and raise price rules, so that
tiered tables take into account raised percentages.


- Fixed issue with setting radio fields as required during registration

- Fixed issue with ‘save list’ button showing even if purchase lists feature is disabled

- Fixed page visibility save bug

- Fixed issue with showing payment instructions twice on checkout thank you page.

- Fixed categories sorting issue on bulk order form
Version 4.9.50 - February 12th, 2024

- Fixed step qty add to cart bug in ajax

- Fixed bug that had to do with the application of priority in min / max / step dynamic rules


- Company credit gateway error
Version 4.9.47 - February 10th, 2024
New features:

- New setting that uses the actual products of the offer rather than the combined 'offer' product. 
Can be enabled in B2BKing -> Settings -> Other -> Offers -> "Offers use actual products".


- Added Cart Blocks support for B2BKing quote and purchase list buttons.

- Added Checkout Blocks support for Invoice Payment Gateway

- Added Checkout Blocks support for Purchase Order Gateway

- Added Checkout Blocks support for Company Order Approval Gateway

- Added Checkout Blocks support for Company Credit Gateway

- Partial integration with Woo Smart Bundles plugin and Yith Bundles

- Added offer download icon loader


- Fixed issue with adding out of stock items to quote

- Switched to using https for VIES requests

- Fixed bugs in retrieving reports and dashboard data.
Version 4.9.10 - January 10th, 2024

- Fixed bug where stock quantity was not reduced correctly for B2B buyers
Version 4.9.00 - January 7th, 2024

- Added PHP validation for required registration fields

- Improvements to VAT validation and removing existing VAT

- Cream bulk order form can now work for logged out users while “hide prices” is enabled.


- Fix for sale price during manual backend orders

- Fixed roles sync issue when using Members plugin

- Minor fixes and improvements
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