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ACF Pro v6.3.4 Download



Release Date 18th July 2024

  • Security Fix - The ACF shortcode now prevents access to fields from different private posts by default. View the release notes for more information
  • Fix - Users without the edit_posts capability but with custom capabilities for a editing a custom post type, can now correctly load field groups loaded via conditional location rules
  • Fix - Block validation no longer validates a field’s sub fields on page load, only on edit. This resolves inconsistent validation errors on page load or when first adding a block
  • Fix - Deactivating an ACF PRO license will now remove the license key even if the server call fails
  • Fix - Field types returning objects no longer cause PHP warnings and errors when output via the_fieldthe_sub_field or the ACF shortcode, or when retrieved by a get_ function with the escape html parameter set
  • Fix - Server side errors during block rendering now gracefully displays an error to the editor


Release Date 27th June 2024

  • Enhancement - All dashicons are now available to the icon picker field type
  • Fix - The True/False field now correctly shows it’s description message beside the switch when using the Stylized UI setting
  • Fix - Conditional logic values now correctly load options when loaded over AJAX
  • Fix - ACF PRO will no longer trigger license validation calls when loading a front-end page
  • i18n - Fixed an untranslatable string on Option Page previews


Release Date 24th June 2024

  • Security Fix - ACF now generates different nonces for each AJAX-enabled field, preventing subscribers or front-end form users from querying other field results
  • Security Fix - ACF now correctly verifies permissions for certain editor only actions, preventing subscribers performing those actions
  • Security Fix - Deprecated a legacy private internal field type (output) to prevent it being able to output unsafe HTML
  • Security Fix - Improved handling of some SQL filters and other internal functions to ensure output is always correctly escaped
  • Security Fix - ACF now includes blank index.php files in all folders to prevent directory listing of ACF plugin folders for incorrectly configured web servers

Release Date 6th June 2024
PRO Only Release

  • Fix - ACF Blocks in widget areas no longer cause a fatal error when no context is available
  • Fix - ACF Blocks with no fields assigned no longer show a gap in the sidebar where the form would render


Release Date 15th May 2024 - PRO Only Release

  • Security Fix - ACF Blocks no longer allow render templates, or render or asset callbacks to be overridden in the block's attributes.
6.2.9 - Release Date 8th April 2024
  • Enhancement - The Select2 escapeMarkup function can now be overridden when initializing a custom Select2
  • Fix - “Hide on Screen” settings are now correctly applied when using conditionally loaded field groups
  • Fix - Field names are no longer converted to lowercase when editing the name
  • Fix - Field group titles will no longer convert HTML entities into their encoded form
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